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Twisted Look – Hairstyle Tutorial by Anupama

This twisted look is perfect for party or even for a wedding. It can be suit on any occasion. I am using some tiny artificial flowers to make this look more traditional. You can use real flowers also. Try to use some extra bobby pins.

What you need:

  1. Rat Tail Comb
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Hair Spray
  4. Artificial or real tiny flowers


Step 1 : Create a side partition.
Step 2 : Take small section of hair.
Step 3 : Take one more section of hair, overlap and twist them.
Step 4 : Pick small section of hair, one by one. Keep twisting them.
Step 5 : Secure the twisted part with bobby pins on back side.
Step 6 : Repeat step 3 and 4 on other side.
Step 7 : Attach this with previous twisted part and secure with bobby pins.
Step 8 : Tug on the both front twisted section gently with Rat Tail Comb.
Step 9 : Put tiny artificial or real flowers. Put them randomly.
Step 10 : Make a bunch of 4 to 5 flowers and put it on center, secure this with bobby pins.
Step 11 : Tug on the crown area.
Step 12 : The half twisted look is done. You can put your hair as you like.
Step 13 : For bun take one big portion of hair attach to twisted section and secure with bobby pins.
Step 14 : Take one more big portion and secure with bobby pins and attach to twisted section.
Step 15 : Take all leftover hair secure them with bobby pins on upward side.
Step 16 : Secure full bun with bobby pins.
Step 17 : Set bun with hair spray.
Step 18 : Tug on the crown area to give little bit volume and your twisted look is done.

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